Gina's Plan

Pursue the highest community safety measures and hold our public utilities accountable.

Specifically, I will work to:


  • Ensure our public utilities are held accountable to the highest safety, maintenance, and emergency response standards.

  • Advocate for safety improvements such as installation of automated gas shut-off valves to protect our downtown and neighborhoods.


  • Uphold transparent and verifiable communication between all public utilities, the City, and our community.


  • Analyze utility infrastructure condition to prioritize threat reduction of potential wildfires from electrical or gas pipeline incidents.

  • Prioritize implementation of safe bike and pedestrian paths with emphasis on downtown and school access to promote sustainable transportation and ease traffic congestion.


  • Schedule annual community-wide drills with the City, Fire Dept., Police Dept., and public utilities to ensure Lafayette is prepared for potential emergencies.


  • Search for ongoing funding sources to address the backlog of aging city infrastructure projects with emphasis on fire response systems.

Advocate for affordable housing opportunities that promote inclusivity and diversity for equitable access to Lafayette’s high quality of life and outstanding schools.


Specifically, I will work to:


  • Build upon the success of the current General Plan, while placing renewed emphasis on affordable housing, diversity, and equity, as part of the General Plan 2040 Update.


  • Monitor State legislation to protect local control and public participation. 


  • Promote sustainable, transit-oriented development that balances growth, economic vitality, and preserves Lafayette’s open spaces. 


  • Study establishment of an impact fee on large single-family homes to assist funding construction of new affordable housing.


  • Ensure all future policy decisions do not perpetuate any racism and other forms of discrimination. 

Protect open spaces and Lafayette's tree canopy.


Specifically, I will work to:


  • Protect our scenic, natural hillsides and ridgelines from development.


  • Promote sustainable, transit-oriented development downtown.


  • Update the City’s Master Tree Plan with emphasis on canopy protection and carbon sequestration.

  • Advocate for the creation of one or more of the downtown parks envisioned in the Downtown Specific Plan.

Collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce and business community to revitalize our downtown with new, innovative approaches responding to the pandemic environment, accelerating business recovery and downtown revitalization.



Specifically, I will work to:


  • Establish a Business Recovery Task Force to advise the Council on policy recommendations; and provide technical, fiscal, and legal assistance to our business community.


  • Hire a limited-duration, cost-neutral downtown business recovery analyst to serve as the primary liaison between the City, the business community and the task force.


  • Support temporary street closure and easing of regulations related to outdoor operations such as outdoor seating for restaurants, temporary outdoor merchandise display for retail businesses, outdoor fitness classes for fitness gyms/studios, outdoor personal services and other similar operations. 

Implement environmental programs and strategies promoting a sustainable community.



Specifically, I will work to:


  • Promote climate change resilience.


  • Continue to pursue Lafayette's 50th anniversary goal of 1,000 homes and businesses to opt-up to 100% renewable energy plans.

  • Promote sustainable transportation and ease traffic congestion by prioritizing implementation of safe bike and pedestrian paths with emphasis on downtown and school access.


  • Create a green building vision for Lafayette to achieve CalGreen Tier 2 building standards. 


  • Provide resources for the implementation of the City’s Environmental Action Plan.