Letters to the Editor
Vote for Gina Dawson for Lafayette City Council

Gina's tenacious and herculean efforts to educate herself on gas safety issues long ignored in Lafayette, as well as to understand the clandestine reasoning behind PG&E's plan to cut down 272 trees has improved safety throughout Lafayette. She co-founded the environmental nonprofit Save Lafayette Trees and established the Lafayette Gas Safety Alliance. She single-handedly stopped the unnecessary destruction of hundreds of heritage trees which bring natural beauty to our community. Her calm demeanor coupled with her ability to dig deep to research and analyze data, to listen, to communicate, and to advocate has proven successful in her dealing with PG&E and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Besides saving hundreds of our trees, her efforts through the Lafayette Gas Safety Alliance resulted in PG&E replacing approximately 1,000 feet of partially-exposed gas pipeline along the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail and millions of dollars of unplanned investment to protect our community from the potential threat of an explosion, similar to what happened in San Bruno. Additionally, her efforts will result in an integrity management program audit of gas safety in Lafayette, an effort that rarely occurs. Safety is one of Gina's primary platform issues - she is our community safety watchdog and the premier expert in pipeline safety in Lafayette.

Gina brings a new voice, novel ideas, and a willingness to listen to all and collaborate for the betterment of our city. She has a proven track record of successes. All five existing City Council members endorse Gina in her bid for Lafayette City Council. I urge all Lafayette residents to vote for GINA DAWSON for Lafayette City Council!

Lynn Cass
Lafayette resident for 32 years

(Ran in the Oct 28, 2020, Lamorinda Weekly)
Support for Gina Dawson

I join the chorus of voices in support of Gina Dawson for Lafayette City Council. One lesser known fact is that Gina comes from a mixed-race upbringing. Her dad immigrated from the Philippines, while she was born and grew up in the Bay Area. At a time when our City has taken on the bold and courageous task to address racial equity and justice in the months and years ahead, we would be strengthened to have her voice guide us. I also appreciate her passion for envisioning Lafayette as a city rich with trees, bike & pedestrian paths, and green buildings powered by 100% renewable energy.

Wei-Tai Kwok

(Ran in the Oct 28, 2020, Lamorinda Weekly)

A vote for Gina Dawson


When my wife of 18 years, Gina Dawson, expressed interest in running for City Council, I knew immediately her skills and energy were the right match for Lafayette and our growing challenges.

I've enjoyed working with Gina saving 272 oak trees along our parks and trails after co-starting Save Lafayette Trees. From that effort, we established the Lafayette Gas Safety Task Force with the CPUC and PG&E to help identify and improve local gas pipeline safety concerns which would be otherwise unidentified and unaddressed. Lafayette is safer because of her efforts.

Gina is a marvel at spending hours studying detailed issues, understanding laws, building relationships on both sides of an issue, and implementing meaningful action plans. Her success is aided by her kindness to all, a deep sense of fairness, and an unwillingness to accept acts of societal and environmental injustice.

I urge you to vote for Gina and the attributes she'll bring to City Council: openness, honesty, tenacity, creativity, consensus-building, transparency, fairness, and a focus on making Lafayette a diverse and welcoming town for all residents. Please vote for Gina Dawson.

Michael Dawson
co-founder, Save Lafayette Trees,
Lafayette Gas Safety Task Force

(Ran in the Oct 14, 2020, Lamorinda Weekly)

Gina Dawson for City Council


I am supporting Gina Dawson for Lafayette City Council as I have great confidence in Gina's abilities, work ethic and collaborative style. She has demonstrated her impressive skills through her work with the City Council and PGE on behalf of Save Lafayette Trees and the Lafayette Gas Safety Alliance. Gina does her homework and shows amazing knowledge of whatever the issue is, and however heated the discussion becomes she remains calm and professional.

I agree with her goals for our City, which I am outlining here. For more details please go to Gina's website www.GinaDawson2020.com
Gina will continue to work to hold our public utilities accountable, supports safe bike and pedestrian paths and emergency preparedness.

Gina is an advocate for affordable and inclusive housing opportunities as part of the General Plan update and of monitoring State housing legislation.

Gina will continue to work on protecting our open spaces and tree canopy, and advocates for one or more downtown parks.

Gina will collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce and business community to accelerate business recovery and downtown revitalization.

As a longtime member of Sustainable Lafayette, Gina supports environmental programs and strategies promoting a sustainable community.

Gina Dawson would be a great and hard- working asset to our City as a member of the Lafayette City Council.

Alison Hill
Lafayette resident for 51 years

(Ran in the Sept 30, 2020, Lamorinda Weekly)

Gina Dawson for City Council

We are writing to express our enthusiastic support for Gina Dawson for Lafayette City Council. We have known and worked with Gina on various community projects since she and her husband moved here in 2008, first as part of Sustainable Lafayette and more recently as active supporters of Save Lafayette Trees. We have found her to be hard-working, balanced and fair, passionate, and always digs into the details and does her homework on every important matter she gets involved in. Watching Gina and her husband Michael take a stand against PG&E's misguided effort to cut down 272 trees has been truly inspiring. They started out trying to protect the trees and beauty of our community and ended up spending hundreds and hundreds of hours talking to experts and learning what PG&E could actually do to increase the safety of our gas pipelines. Throughout that ordeal Gina has exhibited an incredible ability to engage community leaders, to patiently pursue what's in the best interest of the community, an openness to learn, and a willingness to compromise. In short, she has exactly the skill set and passion that our City Council needs and deserves right now. We couldn't recommend her more highly, and encourage you to visit her web site (www.ginadawson2020.com) and learn more.

Steve & Sharon Richard

(Co-Founder of Sustainable Lafayette)

(Ran in the Sept 16, 2020, Lamorinda Weekly)

Elect Gina Dawson for Lafayette City Council  

Gina Dawson is a leader of intelligence, integrity, perseverance, and passion, who has used her excellent communication skills to effect positive change in Lafayette.

Gina cares deeply about our natural world and the safety and well-being of our entire community. As a watchdog for community safety, she co-founded Save our Trees to hold PG&E accountable on their unsubstantiated plans to remove hundreds of our heritage oaks in the name of "public safety." Through passion and perseverance, Gina leveraged this community controversy into something positive, by creating a vehicle for increased public safety. She collaboratively formed the Lafayette Gas Safety Alliance with residents, PG&E, the CPUC, and the City to improve transparency, communication, and decision making on natural resources and pipeline safety.

Our local schools have also benefited from Gina's leadership. For example, Gina successfully led fundraising and communication campaigns in the formation of Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE). For those of you who enjoyed our Lafayette farmer's market, it was Gina, who co-founded it with Sustainable Lafayette.

Gina's plans to increase low income housing opportunities in Lafayette, while protecting our open spaces. She knows that diversity and inclusivity are community strengths. When I first met Gina, I was struck by her positive and friendly attitude as well as her presence and listening abilities.

I encourage you to vote for Gina Dawson for Lafayette Community Council. A vote for Gina is a vote for a positive, healthy, and inclusive future.

Deborah Callister

(Ran in the Sept 2, 2020, Lamorinda Weekly)

Gina Dawson for council

My wife and I are supporting Gina Dawson for Lafayette City Council and I invite you to do the same! I have known Gina, and her husband Michael, for many years beginning with our involvement with Sustainable Lafayette. Among her many contributions while active with Sustainable Lafayette was co-founding the Lafayette Farmers Market, supporting annual Earth Day events, community outreach and much more. However, her greatest contributions to environmental sustainability and public safety have been cofounding "Save Lafayette Trees" saving hundreds of trees from removal by PG&E and her extensive efforts to improve natural gas pipeline maintenance and safety. Her efforts for gas line safety include cofounding the Gas Safety Task Force which resulted in important gas pipeline safety improvements and forming the Lafayette Gas Safety Alliance with residents, PG&E, the CPUC, and the City. The GSTF has provided important leadership while working with PG&E and the CPUC to understand how gas safety projects are evaluated and implemented within the City. As others have noted, Gina is practical, level-headed, and hands-on in her approach. Most important to me, she strives to build consensus when addressing complex issues. Please join me in voting to elect Gina Dawson to Lafayette City Council.

Bart Carr
Lafayette Resident
Co-founder, Sustainable Lafayette
Member, Lafayette Environmental Task Force

(Ran in the Oct 28, 2020, Lamorinda Weekly)

Vote for Dawson

Without hesitation, I encourage you to vote for Gina Dawson in the upcoming City Council election.

I've known Gina for 10 years. We met volunteering for Sustainable Lafayette. She's a wonderful mom, who cares deeply about people, public education, and protecting the environment.


Gina is a workhorse, who rolls up her sleeves and digs into the details- we can count on her to put in the work needed to make well-informed decisions on behalf of the community.


Gina's super power is connecting with people and building consensus- and she's a great listener - something that every city council needs!


So, when you cast your ballot, please vote for Gina.

To learn more about Gina Dawson, go to www.ginadawson2020.com.

Alicia Culver

(Ran in the Oct 28, 2020, Lamorinda Weekly)

Vote Gina Dawson for Lafayette City Council

I encourage you to vote for Gina Dawson in the upcoming City Council election.

I've known Gina for ten years. Here are a few things that I'd like you to know about her. Gina is practical and level-headed. She's an excellent manager, meaning she knows how to organize her time and get things done. And, when it comes to new information, she does her homework.

Gina's a good consensus seeker, another quality we can use more of in today's politics. That said, Gina is driven by core values of caring for people, the environment, and public education. We can count on her to make the right choices when challenging issues emerge.

It's also worth noting Gina's been endorsed by the entire sitting City Council, several former Lafayette mayors and many appointed officials, among others. With a new General Plan coming up in the next few years and with all the challenges the Pandemic is bringing to Lafayette, we'll be well served by having Gina on our city council.

You can find out more about Gina at www.ginadawson2020.com.

Thank you for your consideration.
Rick Reed

(Ran in the Sept 2, 2020, Lamorinda Weekly)


Vote for Anduri, Dawson for Lafayette council

Lafayette is lucky to have very talented individuals running for City Council. I know two of those candidates, Carl Anduri and Gina Dawson, fairly well and encourage you to vote for them.

Carl was a successful, well-respected member of the Planning Commission and then the City Council over a period spanning 15 years. He stepped down to devote time to his demanding job as president of a worldwide association of law firms. Having retired recently, he is able to rejoin the council with his invaluable experience at a time when two members are stepping down.

Gina is an extremely bright, diligent, capable person. She has shown in many projects she’s undertaken for the community that she is a born leader. She listens well and is thoughtful and considerate. She is passionate about making Lafayette a city that is sustainable for generations to come.


Both Carl and Gina would serve Lafayette well.


Janet Thomas


(Ran in the Oct 2, 2020, East Bay Times)

Gina Dawson for City Council

We are supporting Gina Dawson for a seat on the Lafeyette City Council. We have known Gina for about four years and knew of her work on environmental issues including gas safety and fund raising for Lafayette Partners in Education.

We know her best for her work with the Lafayette Hillside Memorial (formerly known as The Crosses of Lafayette) where her organizational skills and sharply focussed suggestions in meetings have been a real help in guiding our group. The creation of the LHM website is an example of her enormous contribution. We are sure anyone who has worked with her will echo our opinion of how valuable her input has been for us and so many in our Lafayette community.

Gina Dawson will be a great asset on the City Council.

Lynn MacMichael and Howard Weamer

(Ran in the Sept 30, 2020, Lamorinda Weekly)

Anduri and Dawson endorsements

Carl Anduri possesses deep planning and city council experience that is much needed after Mike Anderson's departure. He is a thoughtful problem solver with an experienced legal mind who can provide guidance on tricky issues. As a city, we face unprecedented legislation that has and can continue to limit our ability as citizens to control our zoning and development. Carl will provide strong leadership that encourages working together over expensive litigation.

Gina Dawson is a successful and results oriented community organizer who brought attention to the PG&E gas pipeline neglect that resulted in actions to improve pipeline and community safety. I met Gina many years ago as part of Sustainable Lafayette and have admired her dedication to our community and high regard for safety and sustainability.


Climate change, fire, air quality and safety are challenges that face our state and beyond. We need knowledgeable and dedicated people on city council with proven success in navigating these challenges. Gina gets things done.

Please join me in voting for Carl Anduri and Gina Dawson for Lafayette City Council.

Karen J. Maggio
Planning Commissioner
Former Sustainable Lafayette Board

(Ran in the Sept 30, 2020, Lamorinda Weekly)

Vote Gina Dawson for Lafayette City Council


I am thrilled that Gina Dawson is running for the Lafayette City Council. She led our community's effort to save hundreds of mature trees and heritage oaks from PG&E's chainsaws, and provided jaw-dropping evidence of PG&E's exposed gas pipelines and neglected maintenance. Gina pushed for transparency, integrity, and follow-through in her efforts to protect the safety of residents. She is a strong community organizer who knows how to be appropriately tough on the issues yet kind and respectful. I trust her judgment, admire her integrity and urge Lafayette residents to seat her on Lafayette's City Council on Nov. 3.

 MaryJo Cass
 Lafayette resident 20 years

(Ran in the Aug 19, 2020, Lamorinda Weekly)