Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, Assemblymember, District 16

John Coleman, Board Member, EBMUD


Mike Anderson, Mayor

Susan Candell, Vice-Mayor

Cam Burks, City Council

Teresa Gerringer, City Council

Steven Bliss, City Council


Don Tatzin, Former Mayor

Brandt Andersson, Former Mayor

Avon Wilson, Former Mayor


Karen Maggio, Planning Commission

Jamie Harris, Former Planning Commission
Alison Hill,  Parks, Trails & Rec Commission

Mark Poole, Parks, Trails & Rec Commission

Carol Singer, Parks, Trails & Rec Commission

Bart Carr, Environmental Task Force

Nancy Hu, Environmental Task Force

Maria Gastelumendi, Environmental Task Force

Paul Kneitz, Environmental Task Force

Linda Staaf, Former Environmental Task Force

Steve Richard, Former Environmental Task Force

Janet Thomas, Former Environmental Task Force

Peter Norton, Creeks Committee

Abby Fateman, Former Parks, Trails & Rec Commission

Lynn Hiden, Transportation & Circulation Commission

Elizabeth Johnson, Former Circulation Commission

Brad Crane, Former Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Scott Honegger, Former Lafayette Creeks Committee

Barbara Serwin, Contra Costa County Mental Health Commission

Susan Dannenfelser, Former Public Art Committee

Lynda Deschambault, Former Moraga Town Council


Shiela Alfaro

Mary Bakos

Mimi Bupp

Deborah Callister

Susan Price Callister

Glenn Cass

Lynn Cass

MaryJo Cass

Michael Cass

Kim Curiel

Michael Dawson

Ann Drevno

John Eaton

Matt Fabela

Beth Ferree

Kevin Foster

Michelle Foster

Vali Frank

Howard Fuchs

Mary Fuchs

Bill Gilbert

Paul Gruenewald, PhD

Martha Harris

Nanette Heffernan

Myrna Hennessey

Pat Hennessey

Ryan Hennessey

Dave Hiden

Violet Hsu

Grace Idowu

Greg Jones

Jean Jones

Pappa John Kiefer

Steve King

John Kirke

Dave Kosters

Melinda Krigel

Larry Kuhn

Mary Kuhn

Dennis Kuzak

Wei-Tai Kwok

Elizabeth LaScala, PhD

Eric Law

James Leach

Jeremy Levine

Jennifer Liebermann

Tobi Liebermann

Jay Lifson

Francie Low

Tony Low

Kaisa Lyon

Cheryl MacDonald

Lynn MacMichael

Jackie Garcia Mann

Andrea Mannering

Peg Matson

Russ McCandless

Jennifer McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy

Hillary McDaniel

Regina McKenzie

Christina Meinberg

Dr. Eric Meinberg

Kathy Merchant

Mary Mohler

Jeanette Mone

Kieran Mone

Mike Munnelly

Carol Murota

Gailene Nelson

Claudia Norton

Tina Neuhausel

Tess Olsson

Pam Palitz

Julie Pancoast

Damon Pellegrini

Carolyn Ockels

Susan Olson

Kim Overaa

Heidi Plumb

Erika Pringsheim-Moore

Paulie Proffett

Rick Reed

Sharon Richard

Linda Riebel

Angela Custer Ristow

Aron Rosenberg

Nikki Rosenberg

Casey Sasner

Rick Sasner

Karen Seater

Michael Seater

Dan Senter

Rebecca Shafi

Ahmed Shibli

Jason Shellen

Siamack Sioshansi

Jackie Sisto

Kathy Skow

Dave Smith

Maya Smith

Tracey Somerville

April Sommer

Jan Spieth

Phil Spieth

Tom Stack

Edward Stephan

Patricia Stull

Ramsay Thomas

Jodie Torena

Rebecca Verity

Amanda Walter

Barbara Williams

George Wilson

Diane Wilt

Fred Wilt

Dr. Neil Zelin

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Please email us: ginaforlafayette@gmail.com

"Gina has been an effective advocate for public safety in Lafayette and I know that her analytical skills and care for our community will be an essential addition to our next City Council."


- Mike Anderson, Mayor, City of Lafayette

"Gina works efficiently and effectively for so many our shared community interests: keeping our residents safe with the many gas transmission lines in Lafayette, raising money for LPIE, fighting for all of our futures by combating climate change, protecting our trees, and promoting and protecting our once-vibrant downtown during the pandemic. I know that she will bring this same energy and focus to the other many issues facing  Lafayette. "

-Susan Candell, Vice Mayor, City of Lafayette

"Gina is a highly effective leader with a deep commitment to preserving open space, creating a sustainable, inclusive community, and advancing public safety. She will have a major positive impact on Lafayette as a member of City Council."


- Steven Bliss, City Council Member



"I think her expertise, integrity, and proven excellence of service are just what this City needs."


- Avon Wilson, Former Mayor, City of Lafayette

"Gina Dawson is a successful and results oriented community organizer..."


- Karen Maggio, Planning Commissioner

"She has exactly the skill set and passion that our City Council needs and deserves right now.”


- Steve Richard, co-founder Sustainable Lafayette

"Gina Dawson is a leader of intelligence, integrity, perseverance, and passion, who has used her excellent communication skills to effect positive change in Lafayette."


- Deborah Callister, Lafayette

"Gina is an extremely bright, diligent, capable person. She has shown in many projects she’s undertaken for the community that she is a born leader. She listens well and is thoughtful and considerate."

- Janet Thomas, Lafayette

"Gina Dawson would be a great and hard- working asset to our City as a member of the Lafayette City Council."

- Allison Hill, Lafayette



"Gina Dawson will be a great asset on the City Council."

- Lynn MacMichael, Lafayette

"Gina is driven by core values of caring for people, the environment, and public education. We can count on her to make the right choices when challenging issues emerge."

- Rick Reed, Orinda